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Time for a change

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

More & more people are making the slight change in their daily routine by ditching the car & commuting via e-bike. Puzzled as to why? Here's some thought provoking stats & figures;

There are many reasons both new & regular riders are switching to electric power. Be it health & fitness, environmental benefits through to financial gain. New riders are getting exercise they didn't think were possible, experienced riders are going further and longer than ever & commuters are beating the traffic and saving money in the process. What's not to like?

Exploring the stunning countryside or riding the distance to a quintessential little café can become a reality, regardless of your fitness level

Improved Health & fitness

Contrary to particular belief, riding an ebike can, (& will) indeed make you a more active and healthy person.

Studies show that the average heart rate difference between an 'ebiker' & a 'regular rider' is only as little as 10%. Although you perceive a lower power output, your body still inputs a similar power level to that on a normal bike. Saying that, depending on power assist level and terrain, you can indeed go for a more relaxed ride to ease you into the sport and build your fitness at your own speed.

Here's a list of the benefits to look forward to after purchasing an ebike;

  • Improved cardiovascular health

  • Improved heart health

  • Improved muscle tone

  • Increased metabolism for weight loss

  • Boosts immune system

  • Improves wellbeing and reduces stress

  • Helps disease management

  • Improves quality of sleep

We get a vast amount of customers return a few months after purchasing an ebike with some amazing feedback. Almost 100% of people describe how the use of an ebike has changed their daily routine for the better and how it gives them the freedom to explore & follow routes they were just unable to do beforehand, you can see a genuine glow of happiness showcasing the the physical and mental benefits ebikes have to offer.

Economic & Environmental Benefits

The obvious benefit here is of course the running costs of an ebike in comparison to your car. If you were to make the shift and commute by bike you would save £1000's per year just on fuel costs alone, not to mention car insurance, Tax, M.O.T etc.. The average charge cost of your ebike battery is around £0.05 - £0.15 instead of the £100+ it costs to fill the fuel tank.

Not only would this save you cash but you'd also skip traffic and reduce the hassle of parking.

Aside from avoiding expensive gas bills and vehicle maintenance and insurance costs, ebikes provide some positive environmental benefits. Due to the extended range, maneuverability and flexibility, ebikes can now compete with cars in city traffic. Even in sparsely located areas where ebikes are becoming more prevalent due to the known ebike benefits, ebikes can replace many trips traveled by car. One of the reasons why many people are turning to ebikes is to reduce gas and air pollution emissions caused by motorized traffic.

Switching to an ebike can lead to considerable carbon emissions savings and reduced energy consumption. While ebikes are powered by a battery, the long-term effects of riding instead of driving far outweigh the apparent use of electricity use for charging ebike batteries. Using ebikes more also means reduced impact on air quality, especially in large urban areas. With fewer cars on the road, cities can also enjoy more space and reduced noise pollution.

Due to the space efficiency, ebikes can easily meet the demands for mobility, short distance traveling and commuting ease. Up to six or ten bikes can be parked in a single car parking space. The noise pollution due to ebike use is pretty low. People want to live in quiet surroundings and this is one of the ebike benefits behind the growing ebike cycling rate. Every component of an ebike or ebike conversion kit, including the battery, can be manufactured, recycled or processed with lesser environmental impact.

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